Tuesday, April 1, 2014

NEW!!! Bigfoot Dances

 Juvenile Demonstrates Mammalian Play Behavior

These videos and still are just in and hopefully will quiet the critics who have claimed this is a prank or fake of some sort. All young mammals display behavior that has been described as play, and Bigfoot children are no exception. In these videos we capture one or possibly two Bigfoot children appearing to play, and perhaps even dance.

In the first, the young Bigfoot does a little bit of soft-shoe (soft-foot??).

and a second video, we see a dance which we have termed "the Sasquatch."

Finally, using hot chocolate we were able to lure the juvenile into our living room and take this still.

Safety tip, when serving hot chocolate to juvenile Bigfoot, DO NOT run low on marshmallows!

Young Sasquatch prior to running amok

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